5 Lovely Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Kid

Cakes are special for any celebrations, especially if it is a birthday! Parents remain busy regarding the preparations of the day. However, what remains pre-decided is only the design and flavour of the particular birthday cake. For a child’s birthday party, obviously, most of the guests are small in size and age. Therefore, the cake has to be exciting to attract the attention of the invitees.


Whenever you are planning to order birthday cakes for kids, two things are your major concern-


  1. Flavour – The flavour of the cake should be the favourite on of the birthday kid.
  2. Decoration- You are buying cakes for the kids, the design on the cake should attract them.


Here I have brought some great ideas for kids cakes on their birthdays.


Nobita cake


Doraemon is a favourite cartoon program for most of the kids today. If your kid is among them, you can easily place an order for a Nobita cake from the cake shop. It will be a colourful cake and the guests will like it.


Tom & Jerry cake


Tom & Jerry are probably the favourite cartoon characters of all age group of people. All the reputed cake shops provide cakes with some vibrant colours and actions between these two famous cat and rat.




Personalised photo cake


You can ask the online or offline shop to get your kid’s photo printed on the cake. Everybody invited to the birthday party will be equally amazed by seeing the cake. This will also make your kid proud on his or her birthday. He will love to get the attention of everybody in the party!



Mickey Mouse cake


Other than Jerry, Mickey is another mouse, which is popular among the globe. You can easily avail a cake printed with a colourful Mickey mouse in action. Your kid will get mad with the cake. You can also enjoy some imaginary stories of your kid’s friendship with Mickey that he or she will be sharing with the small guests at party!



Family photo cake


You can also pick a family photo with your kid, and get it printed on the birthday cake. This will strengthen the bond between you all. Your child will enjoy the bond of love! You can catch your kid loudly explaining the characters in the picture with joy and excitement before cutting the cake!


All the above cakes are available in different flavours in the market. Various reputed online shops also offer kids cakes in your required flavour so that you can have a lovely birthday celebration with the kids.

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