7 Tips to Clear Your Law Clerk Interview

Now that you are ready to attend the law clerk interview scheduled for later this week, it is time you prepare for it. Preparation is not only about finding answers to the questions that will be asked by the interviewer but also about how to clear the interview and get your dream job.

Experts believe that a candidate needs to know the 7 secret tips for clearing your first law clerk interview. The following are 7 secret tips for clearing your first law clerk interview.

7 Tips to Clear Your Law Clerk Interview

  • Know the Job Requirements: The first step to land your dream job is to have a clear understanding about the job requirements. Many law firms expect a few special requirements from a law clerk. Therefore, it is better to know them before attending the interview.
  • Research about the Lawyer and the Law Firm: It is important to know about the lawyer and the law firm which you are going to work for before attending the interview. During the face to face interviews, it is common for the interviewer to ask questions about the law firm and the lawyer to see if the candidate has done some home work. Without spending time on reading or gaining information about the law firm and lawyer, it is impossible for a candidate to provide proper answers to the questions from the interviewer.
  • Know Your Strengths: It is essential for the candidate to know about his or her strength as most interviewers will ask the candidate to talk about their strengths and weaknesses and why they should hire him or her for the job of a legal clerk. It is very important to mention five or six strong points of yours and how it will benefit the organization. This is the best chance for the candidate to explain to the organization why they should hire him for the post.
  • Remain Enthusiastic: During the interview, the candidate needs to show a lot of enthusiasm as it is considered as an essential quality in a law clerk. No legal firms like to appoint a person as a legal clerk if he or she is not enthusiastic and always looks gloomy and uninterested in the proceedings.
  • Show your Writing Skills: A law clerk job involves a lot of document preparation and therefore it is important for the candidate to prove during the interview that he or she is good at writing and preparing well drafted legal documents and memoranda.
  • Ask the Right Questions: A law clerk job interview does not mean that you only have to answer the questions asked by the interviewer. It is important for the candidate to ask the right questions to the interviewer. Only a well prepared candidate can ask the right questions that will make sense and make the interviewer feel that you are the right candidate for the post.
  • Be Presentable and Dress Formally: Finally, the last tip for getting your dream job is to make sure you look your best at the time of the interview. It is very important for the candidate to look professional and dress formally so that he doesn’t irritate the interviewer with his looks and behavior.

Ellery S. Gordon is a professional law clerk who works in Los Angeles with a reputed law firm. He believes that it is essential for the candidates to come well prepared for the interview in order to get selected for the post of a law clerk. Without any preparation, it is very difficult to get your dream job.

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