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ohio teacher leader endorsement

this endorsement can be completed in one year and is open to any educator who has already completed a master’s degree in education. completing this endorsement will prepare you to serve as a teacher leader both formally and informally in your school and district. it will allow you to support the development of new teachers, lead school improvement initiatives, assist school administrators with professional development activities and attend to other leadership needs within the school. the teacher leader endorsement will also help you qualify for the lead professional educators license, the highest qualification on ohio's highest four-tiered licensure structure.

to learn more about getting started, contact an admissions representative, or call 937-327-7012.

required courses:

educ 512- leadership for student learning and development
participants will be able to articulate a school-wide vision for student learning and achievement and a school vision for learning and achievement. addresses research based instructional/behavioral strategies, data-driven decision making, and professional development. open to interested non-degree seeking individuals.

educ 530- topics in curriculum
focuses on the development, organization, and assessment of curriculum and materials as well as skills needed by teachers as curriculum planners. includes a research and practice component but specific prerequisites vary by section.

educ 581- school internship i
candidates synthesize and apply skills and knowledge gained during their graduate leadership courses and wisdom of practice. requires 105 clock hours in a variety of activities aligned with leadership standards and supervised by an on-site mentor and a wittenberg university faculty member.

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