What Has Arden Andersen Got to Say In Defense of Pizza Being Included in Food Habit?

How many of you want to have those boring and blunt means for days together which might be highly nutritious, but has got no taste in it? At times your heart might race out for something spicy, and even though it might make you a member of bad food habits, it might work out fine since it makes you happy. But once you are over with this, and the consciousness revives, you start feeling guilty about the harm you have done to your health with all these junk foods in your body for no good reason.


Arden Andersen, who himself is a health freak has even gone through similar phases and knows how painful it might get. Also especially when the entire world is into a zone of obesity awareness right from childhood, giving an inch space to these junk foods might be a big trauma. Especially there are some foods which have already been blacklisted by the dieticians, but still, it is the foodie instinct from within which forces you to go and have a try once in a while.


Pizza has always been eliminated out of food habit for whatever reason you might say. But can you come and put up a fight for Pizza and make it stay on the family’s diet chart with enough reasons and facts to justify your demand? Your commitment towards having a healthy diet and healthy living must not be broken, and you must have sufficient reason to explain every single point.


Standing Up For Pizza and How Arden Andersen Believes It Can Be Put In Diet

While going through the nutrition classes in college, Arden Andersen has seen some of the nutritious benefits that are consisted of pizza but has never been realized before. Most of the pizzas have got the anchovies, and the red pepper flakes and also the famous pizza corners nowadays prefer getting it tossed in olive oil. So as the ingredients mentioned here above are rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrate, Vitamin B and Omega 3, not much can deny that intake of Pizza only causes harm to human bodies. This is something great to start with, and Pizza can now gain some confidence now.


Now, going deep into the making of Pizza, one can quite easily see that every part of the pizza has got a food value of its own, which when studied, most of the food cannot provide. Starting with the crust, it is made with grain, and hence carbohydrates and Vitamin B is found in plenty which is necessary for energy and is considered to be the fuel of the human body. The sauce that is used in the preparation of the pizza is scientifically proved to be the greatest source for antioxidant lycopene, and the importance of lycopene to maintain heart health can be read out in any of the medical journals. And then comes the vegetables, the mushrooms, bell peppers, pineapples and the added toppings, which are not only rich in Vitamins, but also in minerals.


Pizza is not just food, it is an emotion for the next generation kids, and if food value can be added to this, there’s no better way to have the right nutrients at the right age.

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