How to Buy the Perfect Jumpsuit for Any Occasion?

Jumpsuits are the perfect solution on those days when you’re looking for something a little bit different from your wardrobe. They’re quite versatile in that, depending on the jumpsuit, they’re just as suitable for more formal and business attire occasions as they are for every day life. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and fits that can say anything from “I’m staying in today” to “lookout world, here I come.”

Pants suits are old hat, so why not try a jumpsuit next time you’re dressing to impress? This comfortable one piece ensemble is just as empowering and it is fashion-forward. When you’re not feeling a dress or a pants suit, this in-between garment will make you glad that it’s in your closet.

Without further delay, here are a few tips for finding the perfect womens jumpsuits for your body and venue.

Formal Occasions

A formal occasion, in this instance, can mean anything from a major work event to simply showing up at work looking presentable. For these occasions, you want to buy a jumpsuit with a more fitted appearance. These kinds of jumpsuits often have a high rise, or groin fit. These jumpsuits are still comfortable but will give you a more powerful appearance than their more casual counterparts. Jumpsuits with a higher rise give off more of a tailored appearance.

Keep it Casual

On more casual occasions, opt for a comfy jumpsuit such as a loose and ruffled romper. These more casual jumpsuits are usually designed with a dropped groin fit. Remember, while oversized and casual can be cute, still opt for something that fits you well so you can avoid looking like a tent pole ensconced in fabric. Take pride in your loose and casual jumpsuit and you’ll still look like a million bucks.

Petite Vs. Tall

If you’re petite, your style of jumpsuit should definitely vary from that of taller women. Smaller women will benefit most from sticking to fitted jumpsuits. Again, jumpsuits that are too oversized will do nothing to flatter your frame and will leave you looking like you’re living in it rather than wearing it. Taller women will likely look and feel best in a more free-form jumpsuit.

This being said, wear whatever kind of jumpsuit makes you feel beautiful. Some women’s jumpsuits even come with pockets, which is like an answered prayer of convenience for most women. Happy shopping!

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