Characteristics of Good Racing Gloves

The gear you wear when racing is almost as important as the vehicle you are driving. It isyour gear that keeps you protected and enables you to maintain the speeds and control that are needed to race. While there are various pieces of gear that are important, racing gloves are something that don’t always get the attention they deserve. So, here’s a look at the characteristics of a good race glove that you should keep in mind when choosing yours.


The fit of your gloves is important because it will affect your concentration and ability to handle the vehicle. Ideally, your gloves should feel natural and almost invisible. You shouldn’t have any spots that rub or irritate. They shouldn’t feel too heavy or hot or bulky. If the fit isn’t right, you will be distracted and not able to provide your full concentration to the most important task of driving.

The fit should be snug but not tight. A glove that is too big can slip and slide and will get in the way. The main purpose of the gloves is to provide you protection and to enable a better grip, but if they don’t fit right, then neither of those factors even matter.


As mentioned, protection is a key characteristic of your racing gloves. Your gloves will be there to protect you in the event of a fire or any other bad situation that could occur. With that in mind, you have to choose gloves that are meant to provide the protection you need. For example, leather is a great material for a casual driving glove, but it won’t cut it for racing. The reason: leather shrinks when it gets hot. It will shrink so much that it could crush your hand.

So, avoid leather and instead go for gloves made of materials that are fire-resistant. Layered gloves are often popular because they offer double protection. However, lgithweight gloves made of a good material can still be a good option.

Think also about impact protection. If your knuckles slam up against something due to a hard stop, having some extra padding might be nice. For some, padding may be uncomfortable or too heavy, but others like this added layer of protection.


Finally, you have to think about grip. Your gloves need to provide you with some feature that helps you keep your grip on the wheel without any slipping. It should help make your grip better than it is without gloves. Grip can be affected by the thickness of the gloves, the material used and even the glove shape, so consider all aspects carefully.

When it comes to choosing the right racing gloves, the final choice may be different for each person. This is because the fit of the gloves is so important. Even when adding in the importance of protection and grip, fit still reigns as the most important aspect because your gloves need to be an accessory that is there to help you and not something that distracts you and breaks your concentration, and you can only get that with a good fit.

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