Common Reasons That Are Responsible For Getting Rejected At Casting Call

Many aspirants attend a number of auditions conducted by various casting directors, but only a few get selected, and the rest are rejected, in spite of being talented. Such rejections can impact the confidence of the actors, which is why it is very important for upcoming performers to learn how to handle rejections.

Do get disappointed, as you will get many more opportunity in your life. Just introspect within you, if any of the following could be the reason for your rejection.

  • May be you are not right for the role

This is the most common reasons of not getting the role. When a casting director conceptualizes any character, he looks for a person whose personality and appearance matches with his imagination. You may be very good looking and a talented actor, but if you do not fit in within his imagination then he may not consider you for the role. There is nothing to feel bad about it.

  • You may not have required skills

This is also another reason for rejection. However, it is very subjective as for some director, you may not be good enough, while others may not think so. When there is no consensus among the various selectors that can result into rejection. However, in many case, this reason can be true also, as many half baked actors also made it to the screens. Thus, choose a reliable casting company like Amy Gossels casting in New York.

  • Past roles played by you created a different image

This problem can happen with many of the established actors as well. Some actors may have excelled in certain genre and due to that an image has developed in the minds directors who love to see him in only that kind of a role. If the current role demands different image then directors cannot accept you in that role, no matter how good your performance is in the audition.

  • Past relationship with Director

Some directors feel comfortable to work with actors with whom they have developed better professional relationships in the past. Therefore, some directors will prefer to choose those actors and reject others.

  • Your past behavior on set

If you have history of displaying unprofessional behavior on the sets, then the directors may reject you howsoever talented you may be. This does not happen mostly as actors nowadays are quite professional in their dealings. However, if some untoward incident happened before may create a negative perception in the mind of directors which may be the reason of rejection.

  • There was nothing special in your performance

For certain role, many actors try to act almost in same stereotype manner, where directors may get bored by seeing the same acting style. When they find one or two actors are doing something different, then they prefer to choose them and reject others.

  • May be it was not your day

Quite often some of the top actors also cannot give their best performance during audition due to various reasons. Sometimes, you may not be in right mood or certain personal problem may be bothering you, and that may unconsciously show up during the audition.

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