Why You Should Consider Purchasing Property Directly from a Builder?

Investors usually prefer purchasing a newly built home as opposed to the one that has been built years ago. If you are planning to purchase an off-the-plan property, then you should work directly with a builder or developer to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Benefits of Purchasing Property from Builders Directly

Working with developers can give you various advantages. You can have one point of contact that allows more complete estimates.  There is no confusion about various roles and responsibilities. The buyer knows whom to contact and the developer also knows how they are responsible for every step.

There can be fewer delays in the building as the same company will carry out both development and construction. Also, a developer has a single vision towards the property.  He knows how to develop a building and sell it to general public. Hence, it is easier to make decisions about the architecture, planning and even landscaping.

  • New property


Purchasing a new property is often preferable. If you are working directly with the developer, then you can get the advantage of new fixtures, updated architectural elements, new appliances and the latest designs that come up with a brand new-home. Purchasing a property directly from a developer will get you a newly built home instead of a resale property.


  • ‌Customisation


You can customise the home as per your specific needs and preferences. Whether it is about choosing the exterior features, customising the kitchen trims, number of bathroom or bedrooms, you can get hands-on-involvement to choose how you want your home to be.


  • ‌Energy efficient and cost effective


A new property is always more energy efficient than an old counterpart. There are several factors that contribute to a more energy efficient home such as up-to-date codes, brand new windows and eco-friendly materials. Working with a builder can eliminate different costs and commission plus expenses that you would have to pay while purchasing an existing home.


  • ‌ Unique Community


Buyers can choose a community as per their personal needs. Whether they want a community of older families or professionals, working with a developer help them to personalize the community too. Developers generally seek same type of residents that buyers select while choosing the neighbourhood.

What Property Developers Do?

Developers purchase a land and then prepare it for construction. They develop an overall vision of the property. Some of their activities include running the electrical lines, obtaining necessary property permits, putting the sewerage in place, working with the architects to design building and plotting the building lots. There are construction experts like Rocco Basile who can manage the development of property from very beginning to selling completed dwellings to general public.


When the same company will develop and construct, the buyer gets most advantages from this expertise. The property is constructed and managed from a single point of view that makes it cost effective too. Hope this guide will help convince you why you need to work directly with property developers.

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