Cooling of Room by Using Room Air Conditioner or Electric Fan

During summer days in India, the temperature in certain cities may go as high as 47˚C to 48˚C. Also, in certain locations the temperature remains within 30˚C to 35˚C however humidity level remains very high.  Therefore, during both type of climates, you need to use an electric fan or room air conditioners in order to maintain a comfortable environment.

Now the question is which is more effective? Some people prefer to keep their room well ventilated and use any electric fan while there are some other group of people who cannot live without air conditioner for a minute. So, what should be the right choice? There are both pros and cons of electric fans as well as air conditioners. Let us compare both of them in the following paragraphs.

Air Conditioners

During late seventies the air conditioners were already available in the market however it was restricted within only office environment. Air conditioners were mainly used for cooling the room for chief executive’s office or any special laboratories where controlled environment was needed. Few rich people had also installed AC in their house.

As the technology progressed, many companies like Samsung, LG, Voltas, Feeders Lloyd and Blue star started marketing their air conditioners and now it has entered in the households of middle income groups too.

Air conditioners can cool the atmosphere and bring it to at much comfortable level and it works well during high humidity climate as well.

Electric Fans

If you go back to the days of fifties to sixties people in India were happily using either a ceiling fan or a table fan during summer days, as that was the only available means during those days to keep the room airy.

During late sixties people started using room coolers by using water as a source of cooling the environment. However, such room coolers were not very effective after the rainy season, as during such period, the humidity level of the environment goes to very high level. By using such room coolers during this period could only further raise the humidity level in the environment and that was not effective enough to cool the atmosphere.

Air conditioner versus Electric Fan

Air conditioners can really transform the climate in the room to very comfortable level even during extreme hot days. Also, during humid days, they are equally effective. However, downside is that it needs higher consumption of energy and it has to be installed at certain fixed location. You cannot carry the air conditioner unit from one place to the other. Also, air conditioners are much expensive as compared to electric fans.

Fans on the other hand are much cheaper in cost and it can only maintain the better air circulation in the room.  In no way, fan can lower down the temperature of the room. Also, the power consumption of fans is much lower as compared to air conditioners. Moreover, table fans can be carried to any place.

However, these days in summer time the temperature in every year is creating new record and keeping in view of that air conditioners have become a necessity particularly for children and aged people.

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