Day Trips to Lake Como from Milan

Lake Como is surrounded by majestic Rhaetian Alps and pristine foliage. Tourists visiting Milan visit this wishbone shaped lake for day tours or picnics. It is a perfect location for one day outing because you get to see dramatic views like in fairy tales. It can become a memorable Italian holiday.

What is so special about Lake Como?

Lake Como is positioned on the hills that border Switzerland. In the past this towering mountain and landscapes has been a preferable holiday destination for wealthy and aristocrats. You will come across regal looking villas along with sprawling ornate gardens, which had been a part of Lake Combo’s rich history. The unperturbed greenery and unspoiled nature will surely take your breath away. For those wanting to spend time at some less crowded and natural destination can visit Lake Como for a day.

Best sites to explore at Lake Como

Como Duomo

Duomo cathedral is decorated in Romanesque elements and prehistoric Gothic architecture. The Cathedral is surrounded with rich culture and history, which invites art lovers to get a peek of the traces of ancient Gothic Renaissance.

Villa Olmo

Villa Olmo is the spectacular background of Lake Como as well as an iconic landmark. This extravagant marvellous villa was constructed in the 17th century. This top-notch Italian architecture boasts expansive excellent gardens.

Sant’ Abbondio Church

Sant’ Abbondio was the Lake Como’s bishop in 5th century. He was buried in this premises. This Church is an excellent pilgrimage site, especially for Catholic tourists.

Piazza Cavour

Piazza Cavour buzzes with life and is the hub of this city. Besides watching the cool lake views, you can participate in often hosted concerts, artisan fairs, and flea bazars in this area as well as enjoy the decorative cafes.


Lake Como’s pristine water allows tourists to capture a remarkable sunset at the Lakefront. Appreciate the lush green foliage of the Alps that face the lake. Spend some good time in the lap of nature.

Guided day trips from Milan to Lake Como

Como is larger, so takes long to sightsee. It has extensive shoreline and wonderful cathedral. There is a funicular, which takes you up the mountains from where you can enjoy exceptional vires of the Alps, the Lake, and Como city. You can cruise over calm Lake Como waters for a totally new experience of the topography, picturesque and incredible landscapes.

Explore the city, visit shops, sample local Italian cuisine or walk on Como’s cobbled street before you visit the Switzerland Alps snowy foothills. Start early from Milan if you are going individually but if you booked a guided tour then it certainly offer an early drive on a private AC coach.

Before selecting a tour consider certain aspects

Good guided tour with proper planning is worthwhile. You got a single day, so take advantage of the following aspects to make it memorable.

Sights covered

Check sights covered before getting onboard. You may be looking forward in seeing specific landmark, so make sure it is covered in the tour.


Tour duration plays a vital role in your tour planning. Opt for guided tour, which is small and not too comprehensive because it is a one day trip and too much can leave you feeling tired instead of enjoying it. For an elaborate tour, you will need to make sure there is sufficient time at hand.


After comparing prices from several portals select a suitable deal. Expensive tours will include all the perks, so ensure that you do a thorough research. You could even get a quote of your itinerary on


Peak or off season tours make plenty of difference. Peak season is crowded but assures attraction in full glory. Winter may be off season but Lake Como may be at its harsh.

Enjoy you day in Lake Como!

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