What Are the Different Types of Common Caravan Maintenance Issues?

Caravans are very simple to maintain. It also does not require much expenditure. If you do not maintain your Caravan properly then it can cause a big problem. Learning about its maintenance would help you keep it in the best condition forever.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is one of these components that can get easily damaged. The most important thing that you can surely do is to keep a close watch on the pressure. It is advisable to inspect its condition once a year or every 10,000 km. Based on the condition you can adjust the brakes and bearings.

Water damage

The most common issue that mostly goes unnoticed is the water damage in aluminum-cladded caravans. Exterior joins are very much susceptible to building cracks on the surface. There is also a possibility that the sealant gets separated from the cladding surface. This leads to water leakage to occur.

It is thus advised to inspect the condition of all the joins that includes the J-moulds that seals the roof/rear front panels with the side panels. Any type of separation or crack if present in the join is easily visible. Donehue’s Leisure is one of the best places to get best in class caravans, swimming pools, marine, and spa pools.

Roof hatches

Cracks can also occur on the roof hatches. As the roof of the caravan is difficult to get to, they are one of the commonly overlooked components in a caravan. You need to get a ladder and climb to examine the presence of hatch(s). You can even find an entry point for leakage of water, discoloration and dampness surrounding the upper panels and interior linings.

Roll-down awnings

They are an absolute blessing to a caravan driver as it provides effective shade at camp. These awnings can easily get damaged due to high winds. You need to figure out where the awning material joins the roller. This ensures that it has not slipped out of from the retaining groove. You need to see that there are no torn in the retaining cord. The awning material can then be easily inserted back in the retaining groove.


This is very common form of damage that can bring the machine to halt. Corroded or broken wires can occur due to absence of sealing. Break in the wires allows the moisture to get in. You should remove the plug cover on a regular basis to check the condition of the wiring.

If you find fraying at any connection then it is time to take out the wires and properly clean it.  It is advised to purchase a brand-new replacement plug. It is a cost-effective insurance.

Marker lights

Marker lights and taillights are another components that would impact the performance of a caravan. These lights are inadequate in letting out moisture. You require to periodically take out the lenses and check that the bulb holders and wire connectors have not got corroded.


There are several components on a caravan that has a risk of sudden failure with time. By hiring a maintenance agency would help in keeping the caravan in the best condition.

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