Different Types of Industrial Elevators

Manufacturing industries and warehouses require automated devices that can help transport raw materials, finished goods, and other items across the unit and between different floor elevations. There are many different types of automated elevators that help movement of materials and goods in a manufacturing facility. Bucket elevators, vertical elevators, case elevators, etc. are the types of elevators commonly used in industries. Many companies specialize in the design and manufacture of custom industrial-grade elevators such as a packaging elevator, which can meet your warehouse or manufacturing needs. This article talks about different types of elevators used in industrial applications.

Vertical Conveyors

Vertical conveyors can lift or lower various items with solid surfaces, including cans, cases, trays, containers, over-sized luggage, etc. Vertical conveyors can quickly and safely transport goods between two levels, facilitating fast and efficient operations. Also known as box lifters or vertical lift units, these automatic conveyors are widely used in industries that require sorting facilities, at airports and seaports for luggage handling and transport. Vertical conveyors are used in industrial warehouses and production units.

Bucket Conveyors

Bucket conveyors are ideal for warehouse applications requiring transport and handling of fine particulate matter such as sand, gravel, crushed rock, delicate food etc. Bucket conveyors transport bulk material smoothly and continuously from one or multiple feed points to a discharge point.

Case Elevators

Case elevator is a type of mechanized vertical case elevator, available as an individual stand-alone unit, or as a combination with another elevator type to enhance plant operating efficiency. This elevator can be customized to operate at speeds up to 30 cycles per minute and can deliver materials and goods at various discharge elevators. Case elevators can be configured to operate in either an ascending or descending fashion.

Packaging Elevators

Bucket elevators are customized in design to feed multiple parallel packaging equipment, making them useful for the packaging industry. Bucket elevators transformed to help packaging solutions are an ideal solution for the packaging industry. Packaging elevators are designed to ensure that your products and materials are handled gently, improving overall process efficiency, while optimally serving the packaging needs of your manufacturing facility.

Elevators are a boon for industrial and manufacturing facilities, improving process efficiency and enhancing your business operations. Most companies offer custom design and manufacturing solutions to suit your business needs. Schedule a consultation with a firm specializing in manufacturing and designing custom industrial elevators, including a packaging elevator. Packaging elevators are manufactured with durable parts to ensure the equipment is durable and requires little or no maintenance.

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