Harbour Island Wedding Photographer- Why Is It Getting Costly Day By Day?



















It is a dream for every couple to capture the special moment of their wedding since such experiences are lifetime and are meant to be cherished later on. This is why couples and their families are so keen to hire the wedding photographers in town, and while doing so, a complaint has come up recurrently- wedding photography is getting expensive every single day. And those who surf the Internet frequently will come across some blogs where the photographers come up with jargon to defend the prices.


But how far this issue has been addressed? Has anyone come up with some alternative options that might prove to be affordable while hiring the Harbour Island wedding photographer? So let’s find out how justifiable is this increasing prices and also the increasing demand of these photographers.


Anything That’s Not A Necessity Is Costly

Luxury is defined as something which one likes to have, but definitely not the need of the hour. And before delving deep into the discussion, it must be cleared out that there is a very thin line of difference between getting married and holding a wedding. Getting married might be a necessity to a great extent, but holding a marriage is something you desire, and hence falls on the court of luxury. So whenever you find someone claiming that getting married is an expensive affair, stop him or her- because that isn’t. Weddings are expensive because coming up with a largely catered party is indeed a luxury, and just remove the archetypal ceremonies held in the weddings, you’ll find it really an affordable affair.



Let’s consider some of the unnecessary expenses involved in any wedding- branded clothing, a well decorated and served platter and a glamorous decoration. Each one of them is actually capable of draining your bank account. When compared to the necessity of these items, photos, and video documentation hold much more utility. The value of wedding photography will definitely increase with time, having an inverse relationship with everyone’s recollection of the D-day.


And it is based completely on the realization of the people who are involved in the entire process, to determine which one will hold more value in the days to come. There is definitely some financial transaction involved, but it is no less an art. Capturing the sweet memories and preserving it for the days to come is a completely different perspective of the job. Instead of defending the prices, the photographers must focus on keeping up the best service. There’s no denying the fact that wedding photography is a luxurious affair, and there are no bindings to provide an audit to the customers. There’s always a flip side to every story, and reading that will help you get justification of every act. Treating wedding photography a luxury affair instead of a basic necessity will nullify this entire confusion, and give the right approach for work.

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