Legal Profession – How Does It Feel To Be A Law Clerk

Law and order are an essential part of modern times. Without proper maintenance of law in any state or country, the progress of it goes downhill. There are various jobs attributed with law, one of them being of the law clerk.

Law clerks give assistance to the attorneys and judges in courtroom trials. The field of law is extremely important; it requires a high level of dedication along with precision. This field change consistently and each day new cases emerge, and imparting justice to the people is the most basic part of the regulations our world functions on.  Law clerks have a great experience and intelligence.

The knowledge they gain by working as one, helps them to have extremely bright futures. One such living example is Ellery Shane Gordon. He is one of the most well-known law clerks in the state of Los Angeles, California.  His experience in this field is great, and he has many achievements to his credit.

Having a career like him is the dream of many. Before deciding upon this profession, one needs to know the basics of the jobs and qualifications required. Given below are the professional responsibilities of law clerks

  • They do all the research work required for the ongoing trials. The produce the required documents and perform a proper analysis of the cases from the legal books. This helps the judge to make a better decision. Better the research better would be the result of the task.
  • All the witnesses involved in the cases are interviewed by him. He records all the information and presents it at the time of hearing.
  • All the affidavits, drafts and case files are prepared by him. He is the one who has the entire knowledge of the case. He is the one who files the pleadings, the affidavits and the petitions.
  • He is like the bridge between the attorneys and the judge. He communicates with both the parties as well as the judge. He solves their queries and oversees the smooth working of the trial.
  • All the closing formalities are performed by him. He hands out the last of cases files to the opponents the attorneys etc.

The educational qualifications of the law clerk are few. They need to have a legal or paralegal assistant degree. Experience is not necessary for being a law clerk. Judicial internships are recommended to the clerks for better understanding.

There are many jobs available for law clerks. The growth rate of job availability is quite high. There is extensive competition in this field. This is one of the most popular and respected professions. Those who aspire to work as federal judges etc. need to pay attention while at this course of their profession.

They earn a decent amount of money while pursuing this profession. The salaries of law clerks in sate or federal court are quite high. The salaries might differ with countries and state, also the nature of the court.

This is a profession, which is indeed bright. The law clerks enjoy the respect and have several beneficial perks like the salaries are great. Also, this is a very interesting profession, which helps the common masses to get justice

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