Major food trends to watch out for this 2017

So what is the hottest food trend this 2017? Have you realized one yet? I know that many culinarymagazinesand blogs are hustling to write on and cover this subject before the year ends. But then the question is, what is trending today?Is there anything unique in our restaurants? What are the top chefs discussing today and by the way what have you been up to as far as cooking is concerned?

Cooking is something that seems to evolve year in year out. And although people are still holding on to traditional formsof cooking, modern technology and applications of science have completely revolutionized the art of cooking. The best example and a trend to consider today is molecular gastronomy. This is a food technique that has been around for some time now and continues to trend even today.

Great chefs like Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthalcontinue to explore this science and coining its every aspect into their amazing and elegant cuisines. These chefs maintain thatmolecular cooking is the best way to bring out and retain flavors in food, after all, this is what distinguishes good food from the ordinary.

In more detail, the just mentioned culinary technique combines the knowledge of chemistry with other food ingredients to create cuisines in various flavors and versions. Although this method has created a lot of buzz in the culinary world, top chefs and other cooking enthusiasts are exploring it more and actually presenting modern cuisines in their menus.

At the end of the day, it is all about the flavor. The more we cook, themore flavor we consider to have in our food. And this way, our culinary employment continues to grow not just in restaurants but also at home. Furthermore, cooking at home allows you to experiment a variety of food and flavors in more ways that you would in a restaurant. Plus, the cost of cooking at home is cheaper compared to eating out in a restaurant (molecular cuisines are quite costly). Therefore, as you look into exploring the different techniques in molecular cooking, let the likes of Ferran and Heston be just but an inspiration.

The idea of cooking a flavorful meal at home today is far gone. The excuse of buying blandingredients and food items just because you have less time to prepare a proper meal is cliché. Now, you can easily make tasty meals from scratch with very little time. This is all thanks to the availability of ready-made ingredients like ready to use sauces and modern cooking techniques that reduce the time required in traditional food recipes.

What puzzles me that is that even though a large percentage of people are going the green way of eating fresh fruits and vegetable to stay healthy, the application of chemistry in the making of food is also making an impact in the culinary industry? Well, none of these trends is bad, only that their cooking techniques and ingredients involved are miles apart. Nevertheless, these are two trends that we will continue to experience for many years to come.

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