Why You Need an Online USMLE Step 1 Tutor

Getting into medical school was a challenge. Completing your medical education was tough. Now, the only thing that stands between you and your residency or practice is the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination. Before you complete your USMLE Step 1 sign up, you likely want to be sure you have done everything you can to prepare for the exam. While your medical education gave you the foundation you need, it included an unbelievable amount of information. Accordingly, to be sure you have a firm grasp on all the medical content the exam covers, you probably want to hire a tutor. For a variety of reasons, it makes good sense to opt for an online instructor.


As a medical school graduate, you are probably adept at managing time. You are also likely extraordinarily busy. If you opt for a traditional Step 1 training program, you will have to fit a pre-scheduled session into your busy schedule. That’s not the case with an online program. Instead, you can likely find a tutor who will work within your time constraints. The best tutors recommend meeting daily or weekly, depending on your schedule and needs. And, since the sessions occur over an interactive, online platform, you won’t have to commute to attend your training program.


If you sit in a large Step 1 training session, you will likely get a pre-packaged academic program. While that might be fine for many students, it could be a bad idea for you. The instructor in these programs will likely follow a prescribed course, hitting each element on a syllabus. For review purposes, this approach can be interesting. However, if you are looking to boost your Step 1 score, you likely don’t want to waste time on material you already know. By collaborating with an online tutor, you can focus on content in which you feel less comfortable.


Most medical school graduates have a significant number of student loans. When it is time to complete the USMLE Step 1 sign up, you might be tempted to try to pass the exam without spending any more money. Generally, that’s a mistake. When you weigh the cost of delaying residency, the expense of an online tutor seems reasonable. Besides, when you consider the expertise of the tutors and the quality of the content, you will likely view your online sessions as cost-effective. Even better, in some programs, you can save by purchasing tutoring sessions in bulk.


In some large Step-1 preparatory classes, determining student success rate can be somewhat nebulous. With an online tutor, success metrics are easier to gauge. Depending on the online program you choose, you might expect to see an increase of between 25 and 45 points. For students who are serious about conquering the Step 1 and getting onto residency or practice, then, online tutors often are an attractive option.

The USMLE Step 1 sign up process is easy, but passing the exam is not. To boost your chances of success, you might consider collaborating with an online tutor. If you weren’t impressed with your Step 1 practice exam score, reach out to an online instructor to see how you can improve your grade.

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