Signs Indicating Whether You are Suffering from Cold or Sinus Infection

If are experiencing discomfort due to watery eyes, running nose, headache and sometimes the nose nasal being blocked, then you may think that these are the symptoms of cold. Actually, every time these symptoms aren’t the signs catching cold, it can also be due to sinus.

Sinus or Sinusitis may occur due to varied reasons like bacterial infection and when the mucous membrane becomes inflamed which can be quite painful. Sinus can be acute or chronic depending upon varied factors.

Common cold occurs mainly due to viral infection. Mostly it is not a serious disease however if left untreated it may lead to other kind of diseases. People get confused whether they are suffering from common cold or sinus as few of the symptoms of both the ailments are similar.  Once you are sure that you are suffering from sinus then the next step would be how to get rid of sinus infection for which you need to consult a professional.

Symptoms of Cold:

  • The most common indication is runny or stuffy nose.
  • Sometimes have sore throat.
  • If cold is severe you may have watery eyes.
  • Headache and body ache as you may feel feverish.
  • Feeling restless and fatigue.

For adults having medicines and tonics as advised by pharmacist may work, however if it is severe then you need to consult a medical physician in your locality. Seeking medical attention becomes mandatory when you have wheezing, acute sore throat, shortness of breath and when you have high fever. For children and teenagers, it will be best to consult well known pediatrician.

Symptoms of sinus:

  • The most common symptom is pain in the cheek bones, behind the nasal bridge and ache in forehead.
  • Nasal discharge, watery eyes and congestion are other symptoms.
  • Sometimes you may have headache.

The medications for sinus can be bought over the counter in medical stores. If the trouble is severe like short breath, swelling of facial features and severe head ache then you need to consult a well-known medical professional in your locality. The doctor will prescribe nasal spray, pain reliever and few antibiotics to reduce the effect of infection.

Natural remedies to reduce cold symptoms:

  • Have plenty of hot or warm fluids. It helps in reducing the discomfort due to congestion. You can have ginger ale, hot herbal tea soup and coffee.
  • Inhale steam to loosen blockage in the nose.
  • Use salt water rinse or gargle to remove congestion of nose and remove soreness in the throat.

Home remedies to cure sinus –

  • Steam – Inhaling steam helps in clearing the mucus blocking the cavities, thus you feel less pain in your cheek and in other facial features.
  • With warm salt water have your nasal washed to ease out mucous.
  • Take Quercitin. Its antioxidant property helps in reduces the symptoms of sinus in a short time.

You can try Enzyme Bromelain. It helps to clear the congestion and reduces the inflammation of facial parts.

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