How Startup Companies Deal with The Demand of Patent Infringement

There are certain people who intentionally or unintentionally get involved in stealing patented ideas or invention of a company. Most of the companies, especially start-ups are not prepared on how to deal with such accusations. There is a certain strategy that one should adopt when facing charges related to patent infringement.

What is a patent infringement?

Infringement of a patented intellectual property is an act when you are found to use someone’s else intellectual property for the benefit of your work. This, when done without seeking permission of the patent owner, can prove to be severe.

How is patenting done?

Filing for a patent is the first and foremost step that any startup business should take. Getting a patent requires a lot of time. The entire process from filing to receiving a patent can take nearly 5 years to complete. To get a patent for their work, an inventor needs to file a patent application with the concerned patent office in their country and pay the applicable fees as per the rules and regulations.

Don’t Panic

Panic can make the condition worse. You need to keep this faith that just because patent troll it will not keep your supporters to back away. Keeping cool will definitely assist you in getting control of the difficult situation. You will be able to work with full strength and a positive mindset to face the situation strongly.

Find a business savvy and an expert lawyer

Hiring the services of patent infringement attorneys would definitely help you sail through the tough time easily. They have a good amount of experience working on such cases. This would help them understand your case effectively and come up with constructive measures. It will lower the degree of loss that you would have suffered without their assistance. So, do research on these lawyers and hire the one that fits your needs.

Poverty Defense

One of the most severe repercussions of patent infringement is loss of finances. This can be very severe especially for a start-up business. You need to clear your financial situation to the patentee by yourself or with the help of an attorney. Tell them that you have earned no revenue from the accused property. You can ask them what will it require to get them relief from the charges.

Team Up

A single person is more likely to get sued as compared to a group of people. To make your position strong, it is advisable to join joint defense groups. Allow codefendants to lead the way. Ensure that you don’t spend too much money for being the part of these groups and fighting for your case.


Violation of patent has become a common thing nowadays. To save yourself from such unethical doings, one should understand the laws about patent and adhere to the principles in their work. Implementing the above steps will be the best way to control such violation in the future.

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