Unique Solitaire Rings for Men

Men do not have a wide variety of options when it comes to ornaments, if they want to stay in-line with the social norms. The one accessory that is acceptable for men is the ring. That’s why they pay special attention to the designs and gemstones used in their rings. Diamond stays the most popular stone when it comes to rings no matter if it is for men or women, due to its durability and luster that stays for a long time.However, supplementary to diamond rings for men, there are other stones that make the finest rings for men. Following is the list of some exquisite men’s ring which can create an impactful statement about them.

Vintage Artichoke Ring

Nothing can beat the vintage look and vintage never goes out of fashion. A sterling silver vintage artichoke ring is perfect for men who like ethereal tones.The centerpiece should be a blood red or maroon gemstone that will create a bold effect with the finer details that accompany vintage setting. Sterling silver is obviously a good choice for ring band that will prove durable in the long haul.

Vintage Jade Ring

Jade is the perfect gemstone for men who want to make an impact on other people, mainly businessmen prefer jade ringsalong with men’s diamond ring.Both gold as well as silver goes well with jade gemstone so you can design the ring band in one of the two above mentioned setting. Jade rings are also a good option if you want to gift it to your husband or father.

Green Quartz Dragon Ring

Green is an ethereal color that suits the preference of many men. However, a green Quartz take it to a whole new level with its brilliance and shine. Quartz is seemingly unreflective gemstone but it produces deep and stunning radiance when hit by sunlight. A dragon engraved in the band of the ring makes it powerfuland impactful statement ring.

Aquamarine gemstone ring

In addition to Jade and Quartz, the deep ocean blue also makes a bold statement on men’s fingers. Men who like to give off a serene aura should get a ring with aquamarine gemstone as its central piece. Simple men’s diamond bands can also produce this affect however;aquamarine adds to the sophistication of the man and makesthe world listen to him.

Deep Amber Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver produces a quality setting for the gemstones in rings. The combination of a sterling silver ring with a tapered shaped amber as the central gemstone creates a forceful and dynamic impact. Any man who wants to create a mysterious air about him should get this ring.

Lapis Lazuli Sterling silver ring

The deep blue of lapis lazuli is perfect for men who wants to keep their style demure and attracts onlythe right kind of attention. The luster of silver and deep blue of lapis lazuli gives off a commanding and potent aura without being over the top and unnecessarily dominant. Also explore solitaire men’s diamond rings at Candere.com.

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